Dog Walking


We at Waggers Delight will collect your dog/dogs from agreed location on agreed days and times and walk them for 1hour. On return we shall ensure they are settled, dried off if wet and have access to and plenty of water before we leave.


 We can walk up to 4 dogs at a time but solo walks can be offered also if you the customer think your dog will benefit more from this and you must make us aware of behaviours and temperaments that your dog/dogs may have. We understand that different breed or size of dog will require a Shorter walk which can also be offered by request.


Here at Waggers Delight we can also offer you dog visits so you can have peace of mind that your dog/dogs are being taken care of while you are out for the day. This will include feeding if required, garden time and play.


Here at Waggers Delight we now also offer dog sitting so you the customer can again have peace of mind that your dog/dogs are being taken care of while you are on holiday. This will include morning and night time feed, walks throughout the day and can take place either at home or at my place in Portchester.


After contacting Waggers Delight, we do offer a meet and greet which gives us and you the chance to meet each other face to face and also gives us a chance to meet your dog/dogs. It will also include going through some paperwork and can also include a trial walk with us, you and the dog/dogs so we can see and feel how your dog/dogs walk and behave whilst out. The meet and greet and trial walk is free of charge.